Happy jack cats

A Limited Admission Kitten Rescue and Adoption Group
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596 adoptions in 2018
1501 adoptions SINCE 2015

Welcome to happy jack cats' Website.

​This site is for those of you who are full-fledged, card-carrying, crazy cat people; those who are one cat short of crazy; those who have learned that cats are like potato chips, so you can't have just one; and the poor lost souls who don't have a cat.

Donate. Adopt. volunteer. Foster.


To give every healthy kitten a chance to live, grow, and thrive in a forever home.

Who we are

Happy Jack Cats, Inc., is an Idaho non-profit corporation (EIN # 47-5455805) and 501(c)(3). We are a limited admission, foster-based rescue and adoption organization based in Meridian, ID. performing adoptions of companion animals, and temporarily caring for animals in need
for the purpose of finding them homes.
Happy Jack Cats, Inc., was awarded $25,000 by The Petco Foundation in 2018! We can never thank the Petco Foundation enough for their support.  With our average cost-per-cat being $137, and our adoption fee only being $60, the Petco Foundation helps us stay in the black so we can keep saving the lives of unwanted cats and kittens in our communities.

Our FRIENDS & Affiliates

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We are so grateful for everything you do and changing the lives of so many kitties! I’m so blessed to have found my baby Finley through your amazing organization...thank you! 💖😻

Lindsey Jensen

November 28, 2019

Dave McCaslin and I love you Happy Jack Cats! 😻😻 Thank you for all you do!

Rose Ann Miller McCaslin

September 1, 2019
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