Happy jack cats

A Limited Admission Kitten Rescue and Adoption Group

Yes, Jack is a Real Cat!

Jack, our mascot, is as real as can be. In fact, he was a rescued kitten born in a trailer park. He has come very far from his humble beginnings.

How did a cat from the sticks make it to the big time? The unvarnished truth is because of his happy face markings, and he was the inspiration for our name. It makes us happy just to look at him.

Jack is a blue-collar cat. No paté out of a crystal dish for him. He has lived a rough and tumble life and has a few scars to prove it. We feel he is a fitting mascot given the nature of our rescue.

Jack posed for the Happy Jack Cats, Inc. logo. He and the rest of our group thank Ward Hooper, a well-known Idaho artist, for creating such a great logo. Visit Ward's gallery at 745 W. Idaho Street in downtown Boise.