Volunteer with happy jack cats

Volunteer for Happy Jack Cats (HJC) and become part of something greater than yourself. By volunteering you have the opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of others, but there are benefits for you, the volunteer, as well:

• You will become a part of a community of like-minded people working toward the same goals.

• Sharing a common interest will help you to build close relationships with others.

• Make new friends,  

• Learn new skills and build upon the ones you already have.

• Volunteering is fun.

• You will get a feeling of accomplishment and a boost in self esteem.

• Have the satisfaction of helping others and saving lives.

• Volunteering can be a family affair.


Volunteers are the foundation of our rescue. Although there are various volunteer opportunities, the bedrock of our rescue is the Foster Parents. Since we don’t have a building, the kittens/cats are housed in foster homes where they are cared for and socialized by the foster family. We cannot emphasize enough how important our  volunteer foster families are. Our very existence depends on them.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Foster home




Grant writing

Social media

If animals are your passion,  join the Happy Jack Cats team by volunteering today!

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