Essential Resources for Lost (and Found) Cats: A Guide for Cat Owners in the Treasure Valley

The thought of losing a beloved cat can be distressing. That's why we've compiled a comprehensive guide to help cat owners navigate the challenging situation of a lost or found cat. Keep reading for essential resources to increase the chances of reuniting with your furry friend.

If your cat was microchipped through Happy Jack Cats, Inc either via adoption, Spay It Forward or a Microchip Clinic, we can provide you with their microchip number so you can create your account with the microchip registry to make sure your contact info is up to date. Click here for instructions on creating your FREE microchip registry account with 24Petwatch / My Pet Health
You *may* have to call them if you can't update your information (it's FREE to update!!!) 1-866-597-2424

Lost Cat

1. Register with Petco Love Lost

First thing to do is create a lost (or found) pet post at
Their website has all the resources needed to help connect a lost/found pet with their owner and uses facial recognition to help reunite pets with their families.

2. Search Your Home and Surroundings

Thoroughly check inside your home and surrounding areas. Cats can hide in unexpected places like closets, basements, garages, or under (or inside!) furniture.

3. Utilize Technology and Social Media

Share your missing cat's information on local social media groups, neighborhood apps like Nextdoor, community boards and lost/found pet databases. Include a clear photo and details about where and when your cat was last seen.

Facebook tip
: Create one post on your personal page, make it public, then SHARE that post to this group: (Their FREE services work very well, but you do get more if you pay) (Their FREE services work very well, but you do get more if you pay) (under Community --> Lost & Found AND Community --> Pets)

4. Create and Distribute Flyers

Make flyers with your cat's photo, description, and your contact information. Distribute them in your neighborhood, local veterinary offices, pet stores, and community centers. Here's a guide on making effective lost pet flyers.

5. Visit and Contact Local Shelters and Animal Control

Visit local shelters and animal control facilities IN PERSON to see if your cat has been brought in. Leave a flyer with them and check back regularly. Many shelters also have online databases you can check.

Ada County - Idaho Humane Society
Canyon County - West Valley Humane Society


Terrible people take advantage of people when they're in a vulnerable state.
- There are no legitimate lost pet recovery services on Instagram or Facebook - block and report comments directing you to scammers who claim they will help you get your pet back.
- Do NOT give someone a code that they text you "just to be sure you're a real person and not a scammer". They're the scammer.
- Do NOT give someone money under any circumstances, especially if they claim to be your local shelter that has your animal and they'll save it's life if you send money ahead of time. Call your local shelter directly to see if they actually have your pet.

7. Additional Resources

Missing Animal Response Network
The Humane Society's Tips for Finding a Lost Pet
Pet FBI Lost Cat Action Plan

Advisory Board

Advisory Board