Essential Resources for Lost and Found Cats: A Guide for Cat Owners

The thought of losing a beloved cat can be distressing. That's why we've compiled a comprehensive guide to help cat owners navigate the challenging situation of a lost or found cat. Keep reading for essential resources to increase the chances of reuniting with your furry friend.

Lost Cat

1. Create “Lost” posters

Include your contact information, the pet’s name, a color photo, and if possible a reward. Templates can be found at and don’t forget to register your dog as missing while you’re there. Dogs can travel great distances so be sure you start close to home and begin expanding distribution in all directions.

2. Post on Nextdoor in the Lost & Found Section

The Nextdoor website and smartphone app allows you to communicate immediately with your neighbors and surrounding communities.

3. Post on Petco Love Lost.

Enter a photo of your missing pet and search the Petco Love Lost national pet database to find them.

4. Visit the Idaho Humane Society's Found Pets page

The Idaho Humane Society's Found Pets page shows all the stray animals that are currently at the shelter brought in from the public or animal care and control.

5. Post in the 208 Lost and Found Pets Facebook Group

Become a member of the 208 Lost and Found Pets group on Facebook and make a post asking members to keep their eyes out for your missing kitty.

6. Place dirty clothes outside of your front door, or the pet’s favorite bed or litter box.

These familiar scents of home will help pets find their way back to you.

7. Check with the shelters each and every day – in person if possible

Idaho Humane Society
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