Spay It Forward (SIF)

Spay It Forward (SIF)

Spay It Forward is making a positive impact in the Treasure Valley by helping to combat cat overpopulation with spay/neuter grants

APPLY: If you're seeking financial aid to spay or neuter your cat, we encourage you to complete our grant application here. Cats must be at least 2.5 months old, but you can fill out the application immediately if they are younger than that.

We insist on fixing ALL the cats in the house (one grant application per cat), but you can only apply one time. We will not help you if you aquire additional unfixed cats in the future.  Shelters often run adoption specials in the summer time where cats may even be free!

COST: Due to budgetary constraints, we have to limit our help to those in need. This program is not a means for someone to "get a great deal" for their cat(s) desexing surgery if the cat guardian can afford it.  We don't receive enough donations to help in that manner. We ask for at least a $50 donation, but if you can't afford that now, or all at once, we can work within YOUR budget and time frame. Please don't let cost stop you from helping your cat(s) NOW.

TIME FRAME: After you fill out the grant and email us the requested information, we'll make every effort to respond to your application within 24 - 72 hours. Due to a scarcity of affordable veterinary care in the Treasure Valley, there might be a waiting period of up to a month. This period could be extended, particularly during May - November, commonly known "kitten season." Additionally, you may need to travel to a different county for these services.

Please keep your unaltered females indoors and away from unaltered male cats during this waiting period. Cats can get pregnat at 4 months of age, and can be spayed or neutered as early as 2.5 months.

FOR CAT OWNERS WITH FINANCIAL CAPACITY:  There are lower-cost options for spay/neuter compared to your private Veterinarian. Visit and click the "low cost services" tab to see some great veterinary practices that offer lower cost spays/neuters. (Your vet may charge $300 for a feline spay, a low cost option is around $100 - male neuters are a little less expensive). Cats can be spayed/neutered as early as 2 1/2 months of age, and female cats can get pregnant at 4 months of age, so don't wait!

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Join us in making a real difference in the lives of cats through our Spay It Forward (SIF) program. Your donation ensures that every cat, despite financial constraints of their loving guardian, receives the vital veterinary care they deserve. Break the cycle of overpopulation and be a CATalyst for positive change.

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Compassionate care for a young patient at Animal Medical Center.
The Animal Medical Center Staff at the first Spay It forward clinic
The first Spay It Forward clinic at Animal Medical Center.