Susan Hamilton

Susan Hamilton


Meet Susan. Susan has the privilege of cohabiting with Jack, the Happy Jack Cats' (HJC) company “mascat”. She had to live somewhere, so Jack consented, and let Susan room with him. Susan is a founding member of Happy Jack Cats, Inc. and serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors. She is CEO, Melissa Gurnett’s, mother, and a bad speller—she takes responsibility for the many misspelled words on the Happy Jack Cats' Facebook page and website.

Susan was educated, many moons ago, at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, Colorado and earned an Associate of Arts: Graphic Design Degree. She worked for eleven years with Micron Technology as a web designer (now retired.) She taught herself a little coding, and has forgotten most of it, and was quite a Photoshop guru back in the day, but manages the Happy Jack Cats Facebook page like a champ. She has a bizarre sense of humor, so if you run across something quirky, she is probably responsible. Susan enjoys writing ads for the cats and kittens and loves to be the one to manipulate their photos, and tell their stories. As you know, every cat has a tale.

A Facebook page and website needs cover designs, event graphics, and graphics for posts. Susan thinks making little, arty things on the computer is fun, and enjoys every minute of it. She also has a lot of ideas for making HJC better. Some of her ideas are pretty good, and some are terrible, but ideas just keep coming. Susan also has a part in managing the HJC website and helps write grants. Although, website guru, Andy is the brains behind the scene.

Susan and her pal, Jack, want to see Happy Jack Cats become a huge success; be able to pay our hard-working people; get a building so we will be located somewhere; create a sanctuary for down-and-out cats; maybe run a hospice for senior cats; and have a cat cafe with cool graphics on the walls and great coffee. WE WANT IT ALL!

Remember that TV show from the 50s—take my word for it, there was one—, The Millionaire, in which everyday people were given one million dollars by a mysterious benefactor? We are waiting for that mysterious benefactor to make all our dreams for Happy Jack Cats come true. Waiting, waiting, waiting ...

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