Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan


Emily is a founding member of Happy Jack Cats, is on the Board of Directors, and she holds the office of Treasurer. Many of our ideas and innovations have come from Emily's creative mind.

She wears many hats. In addition to her job as Treasurer, she fosters cats and kittens, is the bookkeeper, contributes to social media, and is invaluable as tech support for the organization. I don't know what we would do without her technical expertise! If it's a computer thing, she can handle it. To top it all off, she's really nice about answering our pesky questions.

Emily is a busy woman. In addition to her two part-time, paying jobs, Emily is a Pampered Chef representative. Holy Moly! But that's not the end of it. Emily is also married and a homemaker. How she finds the time for all this remains a mystery. I think, unlike the rest of our days, Emily's day must have extra hours in it.

Thank you Emily for your huge contribution to Happy Jack Cats and for the the contribution you make to the cat community as a whole.

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