Miracle on Miravasa: A Dog Novel

About Miracle on Miravasa: A Dog Novel

On the tiny island of Miravasa, a fourteen-year-old Labrador Retriever named Bella has experienced a miraculous recovery from cancer. The dog belongs to a caretaker on the island, Agustin. He brought Bella to Miravasa after learning she had only days to live. Three months later, Agustin claims the dog is thriving. He wants Chance Mulbank, the reclusive owner of the island, to open Miravasa to a large group of dogs to see if it holds magical healing power. Chance opposes the idea, but agrees to allow five dog owners with their ailing pets onto Miravasa for an outrageous amount of money.

Word about the miracle on Miravasa spreads and reaches Coni Kurtzshaw. Her grandson, Nathan, who was born with a rare facial deformity, cherishes his Golden Retriever named Sun. Unfortunately, the dog is battling lymphoma and running out of time. Coni desperately wants to send Nathan and Sun to Miravasa to see if the island can help the dog. Unable to afford the trip, she decides to launch a crowdfunding campaign. Incredibly, her touching story about her grandson and his faithful companion goes viral and her dream becomes a reality. Along with a colorful cast of characters and their beloved dogs, Nathan and Sun are about to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

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About Mark J. Asher    

If you love dogs, you have found the right author. Mark Asher began his career with OLD FRIENDS, which features poignant portraits of senior dogs, along with their longevity secrets. Now in its sixth printing, the book is one of the most successful animal coffee-table books ever published. The Humane Society of the United States described it this way: "These animals jump from the pages, warm the heart, and inspire the soul."

After two more acclaimed photography books, Mark turned to writing to work through the pain of unexpectedly losing his beloved German shepherd/chow mix. The result was a heartbreaking and healing memoir entitled HUMPHREY WAS HERE. Urban Dog Magazine highly recommended the book saying, "Humphrey Was Here speaks for all who loved and lost a dog."

Mark's first work of fiction, ALL THAT AILS YOU, is a heartwarming story about a rescue dog that ends up in a home for seniors. In the vein of "The Art of Racing in the Rain," the book is narrated by a wise, irresistible canine. To date, All That Ails You has garnered over 400 five-star reviews, and has cracked the Kindle Top 100 multiple times.

Continuing to add to his pack of dog books, Mark penned his first children's story. Best Friends Magazine called A DAY IN DOGTOWN "a wise and warm-hearted fable about the Rainbow Bridge and all the doggie delights that lie beyond it." Shortly afterward, he wrote another one entitled A NIGHT AT THE ANIMAL SHELTER about five dogs that spend an unforgettable Christmas Eve together.

Mark's most recent novel is BIRDCALL MORNING. It's a unique story about a 31 year old record store owner named Joel Berskin, who goes into a coma just before the O.J. Simpson car chase and wakes up in 2011. The neurosis, wit, and humor of his characters are reminiscent of Philip Roth's novels. Although a dog doesn't appear on the cover, being a book by Mark Asher, you know the story includes one!

In addition to advocating for animals through his writing, Mark has authored a series of fact books which includes, FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT CLASSIC MOVIES and FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT FAMOUS MUSICIANS.

For more on Mark Asher and his books, visit his website at https://www.markjasher.com/.