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It's Noodle's 2nd Birthday.

Today we’re celebrating Noodles 2nd birthday! About a year and a half ago, I saw a picture of Noodles and instantly knew he was supposed to be my baby. The stars aligned and Happy Jack Cats chose us to be his lucky parents! Every day since, he has been the best part of my day and I have never met a cooler cat. Noodle especially loves paper towels, snuggling with his best girl Cookie, helping mom with laundry, road trips to see Grandpa, and backyard leash time. He makes every human he meets fall in love with him, and he gives so much love in return.

Noodle is a busy boy!

He came from Oregon and was found up in a tree as a kitten. Here is a copy of his adoption post with the comments of his foster mom: AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Ramen Noodle lost his right eye and suffered damage to his left as a result of being abandoned, but this little purr and play monster does not let that stop him! He has the beautiful, dark butterscotch coloring. Long hair, long nose, and giant feet! It looks like he will be a big boy.
You can tell there is a little depth perception issue, but he loves to play... As soon as he realizes it is loving time, he calms right down, and becomes a little ball of purrs with squinty eyes. What a sweetheart. Enjoy Kathy Hopkins' photo of him.