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How Hercules Found Himself a Home

Hercules was a black kitten about three weeks old when he was rescued with his brother, Apollo, and his sister, Artemis.
Hercules, Artemis, and Apollo all had ringworm. Artemis was a healthy weight for her age but, unfortunately, both boys were underweight and had urinary tract infections. These poor little orphans weren't in very good shape but good food, clean water, a warm bed, and antibiotics made all the difference. They grew into healthy, happy kittens and at eight weeks were ready for homes of their own.

A nice couple called and wanted to meet Hercules, Artemis, and Apollo but they only wanted one kitten, and they picked Artemis. Artemis is a tortoiseshell, which means her coloring is named for its similarity to tortoiseshell material, which, in the past, was used to make hair combs, jewelry, and trinkets. She is a colorful girl and humans like that. Apollo is yellow and handsome but Hercules is all black and he wasn’t the cutest of the bunch. Because some people think black cats bring bad luck, and others think black cats are common and plain, homes for black kittens (and dogs, by the way) can be difficult to find.

The couple had a carrier in which to transport sweet, newly adopted kitten, Artemis, to their home. There was a soft blanket inside for her to snuggle into. The humans, like humans do, were busy talking and not paying attention to what the kittens were doing. While their attention was elsewhere, Hercules decided he would go inside the carrier and cuddle up in the back on the soft blanket, his dark color blending in with the shadows. When the couple was ready to leave, they stuck Artemis into the carrier and off they went.

On the ride home the couple marveled at how calm and quiet their new kitten was because they knew that cats are sometimes noisy on car rides, but Artemis was a quiet as a mouse. At last they arrived home, opened the carrier and, guess what sashayed out? That’s right, two kittens instead of one. One of them the little stowaway, Hercules! Boy, were those humans surprised. Well, there was nothing for it but to wait until morning and take Hercules back. When morning came, they just couldn’t bear to part with him, so he stayed and that’s how Hercules took the bull by the horns and found himself a home. Good work Hercules! Happy Jack's Facebook posting of Hercules story went viral.

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