Coraline's Story

Coraline's Story

In Boise, Idaho, most mornings you can’t see the mountains because of the heavy smoke from fires in Idaho, Oregon, California, and Washington. The smoke makes my breathing difficult, but many people have it so much worse that I feel lucky. Thankfully, I’m alive, have a house, and Coraline. Still 2020 has been a hard year for me. 

This winter, I lost three cats in six weeks time, one of them, Jack, was with me for sixteen years, and I raised him from a bottle baby. I am not married and the one child I had died in childhood, so my cats were my family. After they passed away, I was not so much depressed, as crushed. Loosing them was almost unbearable. 

Coraline the cat has had her own share of troubles: multiple homes, violence, neglect,and abandonment. Amazingly, despite all her troubles, she is still a happy,friendly little soul. Coralline doesn’t dwell on the past or worry about the future; she lives for today. One day she needed me and I needed her, so weadopted each other. Coraline is a warm presence in my life, which fills an empty place. She’s the perfect companion. It may seem to some that a cat cannot be much of a consolation, but nothing is more healing than unconditional love.

Miss Coraline sleeps with me every night. In fact, as soon as I turn off the TV she goes running into the bedroom and jumps onto the bed, all excited for hersnuggle time. I enjoy our snuggling too. Coraline is always glad to see me when I come home from work. Thanks Coraline. It’s so nice to be welcomed home. She’sa polite girl and always asks before jumping onto my lap. She’s a lap cat, but a considerate lap cat. Coraline is expressive and makes funny faces that makeme laugh. She is an excellent listener too. Everyone needs someone to tell their troubles to and to make them laugh. I am so grateful to her for adopting me.

I can’t stress enough how a pet can enrich your life. Not only are you saving an animal’s life when you adopt, but you may be saving your own as well!  


Coraline & Tara