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Thanks PETCO!

Happy Jack Cats,  Inc., is a proud recipient of funding
from the Petco Foundation

in 2016, 2017 & 2018.

501 adoptions in 2017
1243 Intakes since Q3 2015

Welcome to Happy Jack Cats, Inc.'s Official Website!

​This site is for those of you who are full-fledged, card-carrying, crazy cat people; those who are one cat short of crazy; 
those who have learned that cats are like potato chips, so you can't have just one; and the poor lost souls who don't have a cat.


"To give every healthy kitten a chance to live, grow, and thrive in a forever home."

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Who Is Happy Jack Cats?

Happy Jack Cats, Inc., is an Idaho Non-Profit Corporation. We are a foster-based, no-kill rescue and adoption group based in Meridian, ID. but serving Meridian, Boise, and outlying communities. We were founded in 2015 by individuals concerned for the welfare of "throwaway" kittens and community cats.  We house all of our animals in foster homes throughout the area, excepting those showcased in two Petco stores: 3006 W. State St., Eagle, ID. and 3548 S. Findley Ave, Boise.  At this time (07/14/2018), we have no storefront location but look forward to having one in the future.

Happy Jack Cats, Inc., is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal
Revenue Code, EIN #47-5455805.

What We Do

  • We provide clean, healthy, and loving environments, food, shelter, and temporary housing in foster homes for abused, stray, orphaned or abandoned kittens and cats until their adoptions. Felines are housed in cages only for special purposes: quarantine, injury care,  special needs, and display at Petco stores. 
  • We promote public health and safety by encouraging vaccinations,  including rabies.
  • We educate the community about animal welfare issues.
  • We find homes for cats and kittens in order to reduce the need for euthanasia. 
  • We strongly support and promote spay or neuter.
  • We are a no-kill rescue, and DO NOT euthanize to free up space.
  • We applaud and support the efforts of other shelters and rescues.
  • We proudly partner with Petco and The Petco Foundation.
The 1st Annual Happy Jack Cats Scramble Golf Tournament

We are happy to report that our 1st Annual Happy Jack Cats Golf Scramble Tournament June 9, 2018, was a huge success. We have our sponsors to thank for having faith in us, our volunteers for working hard in the trenches to make it happen, and, of course, the golfers who supported us by playing. We are happy to say that it looks like our net income for the golf tournament is somewhere near $10,260! That amount of money will save the lives of 98 cats or kittens. We dreamed of $10,000 and with the generosity of our sponsors, the dedication of our volunteers, and the wonderful participants, we got it done. We thank you all!
Title Sponsor: Bob's Street Foods
MerriDee Fraters Copeland & Bob Copeland

Happy Jack's Golf Tournament could have never happened without the generosity of our Title Sponsor, MerriDee Fraters Copeland and Bob's Street Foods. MerriDee is a wife, a mother, a businesswoman, and an animal advocate. She has been our loyal and staunch supporter since our beginnings.  She has adopted kittens from Happy Jack Cats, been a foster for us,  and has been our financial supporter. It seems her generosity knows no bounds. Happy Jack Cats couldn't have wished for better friends than MerriDee Fraters Copeland and her husband, Bob. Thank you so much.

Legacy Sponsor: Mountain Home Mortgage
Barb Hansen

Barb Hansen is the successful businesswoman—owner of Mountain Home Mortgage—as well as a wife, and a pet owner. She has adopted from Happy Jack Cats and has always been there for us, as well as other animal advocate groups in the area.  Barb has partnered with us in the "Adopt a Momma" campaign and contributed generously to the Happy Jack Cats 1st Annual Golf Tournament. Thank you so much, Barb, for your belief in us and your financial backing.

Lunch Sponsor: Bark 'N Purr
1036 S. Vista Ave. Boise, ID 83705

Thanks so much to Mike and Jen of Bark 'N Purr for providing lunch for everyone. What would we have done with all those hungry golfers if they hadn't? There have often allowed us and many others to have events in their store. Mike and Jen, you are always there for the animals and generous to a fault. Thanks again, and again, and again!
Pete & Alex
Without Pete Stickney, this tournament could never have happened. He was the one person in our group with experience running a tournament and in fact, he did the same job professionally before he retired. Pete's advice and experience were invaluable. Without him, we would never have attempted a tournament. Lucky for him, he found a very capable assistant, Alex, who was able to take some of the considerable pressure off of him.
Lou Ann & Bill
Bill and Lou Ann were invaluable! They worked hard to get contributions for the raffle and the silent auction. Bill recruited and played golf with his own team. Lou Ann signed up several teams of four. Also, she singlehandedly recruited most of the hole sponsors and took photos of the event as well. Thanks guys!

​Hole and Special Sponsors
 514Interactive, Inc., Atomic Vapor Supply, Bodovino, Carts by Tim, DL Evans Bank Fairview/Meridian), for the Love of Riley - Jeanne James, Invisible Fence, Kerri McMillan, Kat Hunt, Rose Williams, Tina Godlove, Kwik Silver Embroidery, Lake Lowell Pet Rescue. Linda Conn, Cindi Boone, Laurie Wittges, Lindsey Construction, Stein Distributing, Tedi Hepper, Tina Hepper, Mary Dambitis, Lou Ann Gaskell, The Pet Sitter of Boise LLC, The Spa & Pool Center,  The WELLNESS Center of Boise, Chiropractic Wellness, WestVet,  Women in Networking - WIN